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Description This article explains two methods to delete users from FortiMonitor.
Scope FortiMonitor, Users.

Method 1: 
The first method explains deleting users from the FortiMonitor control panel. Navigate to: Settings -> Users, Groups & On-Call.




Under the 'Users' section select the 3 dots and 'delete' for the user that no longer needs access to the FortiMonitor.




Note: make sure to delete the correct user. Once deleted, it will not be possible to retrieve the user. 

Method 2: 
This method explains how to delete a user via API. To delete the user via API, the pre-requisite would be to either have an existing 'API key' on FortiMonitor or create one. Refer to the link for more information on the API key and its library.


To delete a user, it is possible to use two endpoints:


- Get /user:

1) This endpoint will help to fetch the 'user-id' of the user wanted to be deleted.

2) User id value can be fetched through the URL:<user-id>.
Note: User-id value will be an integer.

3) The base URL to fetch the information would be If using Postman, refer to this link.

4) The expected response code should be 200 if the request was successful.


- Delete /user/{user_id}.

1) This endpoint will delete the user from the account.

2) The user-id value received from '1.2' should be used as a value to delete the user account from FortiMonitor.

3) Similarly, the base URL for this endpoint would also be

4) The expected response code would be 204 if the request was successful.