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This article describes that in order to set up a web-proxy on FortiManager and communicate with the FortiGuard, the following setting has been performed.


config system web-proxy


However, the outgoing traffic was not communicated to the web proxy server.

Through the settings below, it is possible to communicate normally through the web proxy server.


config fmupdate web-spam web-proxy

config fmupdate av-ips web-proxy


A detailed description of the 'config system web-proxy' setting was not found in the documentation.

It seems that this setting was newly added in the 7.0.3 CLI guide:

FortiManager 7.0.3


FortiManager v7.0.3 to 7.2. The 'web-spam' and 'av-ips' commands were removed in 7.4.1.


This new CLI command was added in the 7.0.3 version to allow FortiCare/FortiCloud registration via the proxy server.

It is used also for registration of the trial VMs and also to allow the first deployment of AWS on-demand units, which also require connecting to FortiCare to get an SN and use the same mechanism.