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This article describes how to troubleshoot SAML login fail with invalid response.   



1) FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer GUI may return the following error after SAML user authentication.


invalid_response: Could not validate timestamp: not yet valid. Check system clock.


2) Verify the ntp status.


FMG01 # diagnose system ntp status

MS Name/IP address         Stratum Poll Reach LastRx Last sample


^*                 2        10   377   412    -50us[  +61us] +/-  101ms


3) If no NTP server information, verify the NTP server and DNS server connectivity.


FMG01 # diag system ntp status
No information for NTP server


4) Verify the system time.


FMG01 # execute time

current time is: 10:14:11


FMG01 # execute date

current date is: 05/16/2022


5) Manually modify the date / time if require.


FMG01 # execute time 11:14:11


FMG01 # execute date 05/17/2022


6) If issue persists, gather a SAML trace and contact Fortinet TAC.


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