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This article describes that when a TCL Script is running in FortiManager, it is possible to see that it will not install it due to errors like 'running tcl script failed. Reason: Run script fail'.


Follow the recommendations below.




Make sure the FortiGate has an updated and valid user/password under 'Device Manager' of the FortiManager.




Try to login using CLI Widget using System Information under 'Device manager' of the FortiManager.




Make sure to have connectivity with the user and consider that if the user have Trusted host enable it is necessary to add network segment




Once is validated user/password and connectivity are good.

It is necessary to know all TCL scripts may fail due to an invalid command you are using.


It is possible to get more details in FortiGate by running the following command.

Share output with TAC support if there are any reasons why is failing.


# diagnose debug cli 8

# diagnose debug enable


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