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Article Id 267893
Description This article describes the troubleshooting steps to take when encountering errors with cloning a policy package.
Scope FortiManager.
  1. In some cases, when the user failed to clone an existing policy package, the output of the GUI does not pinpoint where the error lies.

 1. Fail to clone policy - 1.png


2. Progress Report.png


  1. Run the following debug commands and clone the policy one more time.


    diagnose debug application securityconsole 255

    diagnose debug enable

     3. Debug.png



  2. From the debug output, it is possible to identify the error with the Internet Service Name: CrowdStrike-CrowdStrike.Cloud. Upon checking the Internet Services on FortiManager, the valid Internet Service should be CrowdStrike-CrowdStrike.Falcon.Cloud.

     4. CrowdStrike ISDB.png


  3. Edit the Internet Service entry to use the correct one in the policy package.

    5. Edit policy.png

  4. After that, the policy package can be cloned successfully.


    6. Cloned policy.png