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Description This article describes a common question regarding email classification as a 'Newsletter' in FortiMail, even when the Newsletter score is 0.
Scope FortiMail.

Users may encounter situations where FortiMail classifies an email as a 'Newsletter' and takes action, such as quarantining the email or applying tags, despite the Newsletter score being 0. This can lead to questions about the criteria for Newsletter classification and the associated actions.

The classification and actions related to Newsletters in FortiMail are based on the content and characteristics of incoming emails.


It is important to understand the following key points:

  1.  Newsletter Classification: FortiMail categorizes emails as 'Newsletter' based on the content and structure of the email, including sender information, subject lines, and email body. The Newsletter score may not be the sole factor in determining whether an email is classified as a Newsletter. Some newsletters and marketing emails may not have a high score but can still be recognized as newsletters based on their content.
  2. Actions for Newsletters: FortiMail allows users to define actions to be taken when emails are classified as Newsletters. Common actions include tagging the email as a Newsletter so that users can easily identify and manage such emails. Quarantining Newsletters may also be an action, depending on the configured policy.
  3. Suspicions Newsletter: FortiMail differentiates between the 'Newsletter' and 'Suspicions Newsletter' categories. Suspicions Newsletter classification is typically associated with newsletters that exhibit suspicious characteristics, which may include elements of spam or phishing. When both Newsletter and Suspicions Newsletter detection are enabled, actions for Suspicions Newsletter take precedence if an email is classified as both.

Understanding the classification and actions related to Newsletters in FortiMail is essential for effectively managing email content. While the Newsletter score is a factor, other content-based criteria contribute to the classification of an email as a Newsletter.

Users should configure action profiles to align with their email management policies, which may include tagging, quarantining, or applying other actions to newsletters based on their organization's needs.