FortiMail provides advanced, multi-layer protection against the full spectrum of email-borne threats

This article is a quick guide to configure the FortiMail to send a copy of an email received from a particular domain or email address to a specific email recipient, when the recipient is not copy in the original email, this works if the FortiMail is configured in Gateway or Server mode.


Create a new Dictionary profile with the email you want to resend the emails from a particular domain ( This is:

1.     Using the web console on FML, go to Profile > Dictionary

2.     In Dictionary tag, on the section “Dictionary Entries”, select “New…

3.     On “Pattern”, write the email, i.g.

4.     Pattern type: Regex

5.     Check the “Search header” option

6.     Click on OK

Now, create a “Content Action” Profile

1.     Go to Profile > Action

2.     Select “New…

3.     Write the name for this profile, e.g. DELIVERY

4.     Check on “BCC” and click it to edit the email

5.     Write the email and click on “Create

6.     Click on OK

Create two Content Profiles, one per each situation, with or without email

1.     Go to Profile > Content

2.     Write the name for this profile, i.g “NO-email” (when the incoming email doesn’t include as destination the email you want to copy)

3.     In “Action”, select the profile DELIVERY

4.     Create now another profile named i.g. “email-included” (this profile is when the incoming email has as destination the email you want to copy)

5.     In “Action”, select the profile “-None-

6.     Click on “Create

Finally, create two Recipient Policies, in this strictly order

1.     Go to Policy > Policies

2.     In “Recipient Policies” section, click on “New...

3.     On “Sender Pattern” write the domain for the sender, i.g. *

4.     Recipient Pattern” select the domain you want to receive the emails, i.g.

5.     On “Profiles”, select the profile created, in this case is “email-included

6.     Click on OK

7.     Now create the second rule, repeat steps from 1 to 4

8.     On “Profiles”, select the profile created named “NO-email

9.     Click on OK

Verify the behavior on FortiMail