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Article Id 194829
This article describes how to reset the password on FortiMail in HA(config-only)
Applies to FortiMail HA in 'config-only' mode

Example: FortiMail HA with 4 devices in config-only mode and the admin password is lost.

steps by steps:
- Isolate the config-Master from the cluster
- Format the flash and load the same firmware version (which is currently running on the device)
- Open the config file of config-master and search for 'config system admin' and under the 'admin' account, remove the complete line starting with 'set password'
- Restore this config file on to the device
- Confirm you are able to login to the device with user : admin and password 'blank < no password>'
- Join the device to the cluster and all the devices will have a blank password
- Now, set a password on the config-master which will be synced to all the devices in HA

- You must have a most recent config file of the config-master
- As you are restoring an old config file, any changes done after the restore of the config file will be lost and need to be re-configured