Fortinet’s Global Threat Intelligence and Research
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The FortiGuard Incident Response team is ready to assist with the discovery, containment, and remediation of intrusions within victim environments.

The FortiGuard Incident Response team is available 24/7 to support organizations throughout all stages of the incident response lifecycle.

The team is able to support all victims, regardless of whether they are existing Fortinet customers, to help reduce the operational impact of cyber attacks, reduce the risk of re-attack through thorough investigation, and assist in getting systems back under control.


The team has extensive experience responding to attacks originating from zero-day vulnerabilities, unpatched legacy systems, and human error/social engineering with a global team working 24/7 to support organizations across the globe.




The FortiGuard IR team is able to support all victims including those who may not already be Fortinet or FortiGuard customers.




To engage the IR team directly for assist with an investigation please use the ‘Experienced a breach?’ link available here:

This webpage also has additional information on the IR services we provide and how they can help to mitigate the risk of emerging campaigns and to help in reactive incident response engagements.


If there is any doubt about whether there is an issue or to proactively prepare the security teams to better handle cyber threats, it is possible to engage the Advisory services.

The FortiGuard Advisory services team can assess the security posture and provide support to uplift the security posture, build playbooks to combat emerging threats, and war game the existing processes as part of tabletop activities. 


More information on these services is here: