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Article Id 226989
Description This article describes how to troubleshoot a HA synchronization issue that happens when a cluster becomes out of sync by modules that may be causing synchronization issues.
Scope FortiOS.

The configurations of twenty-five FortiOS modules are synchronized. 
With so much data to review, it might be difficult to pinpoint the cause of a synchronization issue. 

To locate modules that may be creating synchronization issues, use the diagnosis commands listed below.

# diagnose sys ha hasync-stats 'all | most-recent [<seconds>] | by object [<number>]'


all: (Display hasync all objects' stats): displays the synchronization activities for all modules since the hasync process began operating.

most-recent: (Display hasync objects recent stats <seconds>):  To display recent events that occurred during the time span,  provide a time in seconds.

If the number of seconds is not specified, the command displays the most recent occurrences in the previous 5 seconds.

This option is useful for determining which modules are presently syncing or attempting to synchronize.
The command only displays the most recent synchronization events if no modules are presently syncing.


To display the most recent activity, enter:


# diagnose sys ha hasync-stats most-recent 5

current-time/jiffies=2022-10-18 17:10:58/8863578:

obj_handler=4(command): start=1666098656.614193(2022-10-18 17:10:56), end=1666098656.614194(2022-10-18 17:10:56), total=0.000001/1554
obj_handler=4(command): start=1666098656.614196(2022-10-18 17:10:56), end=1666098656.614458(2022-10-18 17:10:56), total=0.000262/1554
obj_handler=0(packet): start=1666098653.261130(2022-10-18 17:10:53), end=1666098653.261448(2022-10-18 17:10:53), total=0.000318/2948

by-object: (Display hasync stats by object <number>): Displays the synchronization activity of a specific module, where <number> is the module number in the range 1 to 25.

To display a list of all 25 modules and their numbers enter command 'diagnose sys ha hasync-stats by-object ?'


To display the hasync-stats by object, enter:


# diagnose sys ha hasync-stats by-object 5
current-time/jiffies=2022-10-18 17:13:10/8876809:

obj_handler=0(packet): start=1666098788.600198(2022-10-18 17:13:08), end=1666098788.600421(2022-10-18 17:13:08), total=0.000223/2456
obj_handler=2(stream): start=1666098788.626339(2022-10-18 17:13:08), end=1666098788.653016(2022-10-18 17:13:08), total=0.026677/2961
obj_handler=3(event): start=1666010138.549138(2022-10-17 16:35:38), end=1666010138.549199(2022-10-17 16:35:38), total=0.000061/1
obj_handler=4(command): start=1666098776.654451(2022-10-18 17:12:56), end=1666098776.654721(2022-10-18 17:12:56), total=0.000270/1556
timer=0(check_sync_status), add=8864581(2022-10-18 17:12:59), expire=8865581(2022-10-18 17:13:09), end=8865581(2022-10-18 17:13:09), del=708(2022-10-17 16:35:38), total_call=8864