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This article describes how to troubleshoot the FortiSwitch registration issue when attempting to register it from FortiGate.

Scope FortiGate v7.0.X, v7.2.X, v7.4.X.

When attempting to register FortiSwitches from the FortiGate GUI, the registration process fails displaying the error message: 'FortiCloud registration failed'.


Below is an error screenshot for reference:


  1. Execute the following CLI debug commands to gather more detailed information about the issue:

diagnose debug application forticldd -1
diagnose debug enable


  1. Retry the FortiSwitch registration process from the FortiGate GUI, go to WiFi & Switch Controller -> Managed FortiSwitches -> Register, enter the required information, including email address, password, country, Reseller, and then select 'Register'.
  2. Once the error is seen, reset the debugs using the command 'diagnose debug reset'.

The output will present a specific error related to acknowledging the agreement as shown below.


[113] fds_print_msg: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="

"><soap:Body><ProductRegistrationForNonFGTResponse xmlns=""><ProductRegistrationForNonFGTResult><RegistrationResponse xmlns=""><Version>3.0</Version><Result>error</Result><Error code="REQUIRE_ACK_AGREEMENT

">Require acknowledge agreement</Error><Agreement><Version>3</Version><Body>Rm9ydGluZ

In some cases, it is necessary to acknowledge an agreement during the registration process. This step is only visible when registering a FortiSwitch from the FortiGate CLI using the following command.

diagnose forticare direct-registration product-registration -N <FSW-serialnumber> -a <username> -p <password> -T "<country>" -R "reseller" -e 1

Account information will be prompted as shown below.  Type 'y' to proceed.

Account info:


        contract_number=[] account_id=[***] password=[***]

        reseller_id=*** reseller=[other]


        first_name=[] last_name=[] company=[***]

        title=[] address=[] city=[]

        state=[] state_code=[] country_code=***

        post_code=[] phone=[] fax=[]

        industry=[] industry_id=0 orgsize=[] orgsize_id=0

        version=0 SN=[******] existing=0

Prepare to register product into this account.

Do you want to continue? (y/n)


Fortinet Service Terms and Conditions agreement will then be presented. To proceed, carefully read and comprehend the terms outlined in the agreement, then confirm the acknowledgment by typing 'y' when prompted:


========== Forticare response ===========

Require acknowledge agreement

version 3

Fortinet Service Terms & Conditions

For FortiCare, FortiGuard and other Fortinet Service Offerings



Please read, understand and acknowledge the agreement above.

Do you want to continue? (y/n)


After acknowledging the agreement, the FortiSwitch registration to FortiCloud should be successful.