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Article Id 286095
Description This article describes how to troubleshoot when the assets widget shows Software OS as 'other identified devices' and does not populate 'Device Family' 'Hardware Vendor' and other fields.
Scope FortiGate v7.4.0.

This article is focused on the error noticed in FortiOS v7.4.0 while the required configuration is already in place.

  • Enable device detection separately on each interface under Network -> Interfaces.
  • Device detection is intended for devices directly connected to LAN and DMZ ports. The widget is only available when the Interface Role is LAN, DMZ or Undefined. It is not available when the role is WAN.


2023-11-17 10_11_44-8941298.jpg



Troubleshooting steps :

  • ARP resolution needs to be in place get system arp.
  • Check for device information in CLI diag user device list, diag user-device-store device memory list.
    • In general, hardware vendor, OS, and software version fields will be populated. If not, this article would be relevant.
  • Verify whether the CID process shows any symptoms of high CPU diag sys top-all. If yes, the issue may match the known issue ID 961496. Restart CID process diag cid restart.
  • Check for scan.unpack.error or manager.unpack.error.watchdog.count from the output of diag cid statsIf yes, the issue may match known issue id:855898 (resolved in v7.2.5, v7.4.0).
  • Make sure the 'Device and OS Identifications' database is above version 1.00142:

diag autoupdate versions | grep "Device and OS" -A 3
Device and OS Identifications
Version: 1.00142

  • If the CID process does not show a high CPU, FortiOS is running v7.4.0, and v7.4.1. The issue could be matching known issue ID 961496 which will be resolved in the upcoming FortiOS 7.4.2 GA release.
    • Expected diag user list output:


    vd root/0 e4:54:e8:ae:0e:3a gen 13 req OHUSA/3e
    created 290s gen 1 seen 0s internal2 gen 1
    ip src mac
    hardware vendor 'Dell' src fortiguard id 0 weight 132
    type 'Home & Office' src fortiguard id 0 weight 132
    family 'Computer' src fortiguard id 0 weight 132
    os 'Windows' src fortiguard id 0 weight 132
    software version '10' src http id 1444 weight 130