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Article Id 297084
Description This article describes how to check the memory available in a virtual disk created in the Hypervisor for log/data storage.
Scope FortiGate-VM.

The amount of memory used and available in the Virtual disk can be checked with the command below:


diag hardware deviceinfo disk


Disk SYSTEM(boot) 2.0GiB type: SSD [VMware Virtual disk] dev: /dev/sda
partition 231.0MiB, 111.0MiB free mounted: Y label: dev: /dev/sda1(boot) start: 2048
partition 1.7GiB, 1.4GiB free mounted: Y label: dev: /dev/sda2(boot) start: 526336


Disk Virtual-Disk ref: 16 30.0GiB type: SSD [VMware Virtual disk] dev: /dev/sdb
partition ref: 17 29.4GiB, 1.5GiB free mounted: Y label: LOGUSEDXD1340E28 dev: /dev/sdb1 start: 2048


If the disk is full it is possible to remove from the disk all the logs memorized with the command below:


execute log delete-all