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This article describes that enabling 'brief-traffic-format' in 'config log setting' reduces log volume by omitting some log fields.



config log setting

    set brief-traffic-format enable
When enabling the above setting, the following log fields will not be available:
srcname, srcuuid, dstuuid, poluuid, user, group,  appid,  appcat, apprisk, app (except local traffic), vpn, vpntype, shapersentname, shaperdropsentbyte, shaperrcvdname, shaperdroprcvdbyte, shaperperipname, shaperperipdropbyte, devtype, osname, osversion, unauthuser, unauthusersource, collectedemail, mastersrcmac, srcmac, msg, srcintf, dstintf.

Be aware that enabling this feature will limit what types of reports can be run.  Do not use it, for example, if user-level logging/reporting is required or if it is desired to include charts covering VPN history or application details.

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