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Article Id 268349
Description This article describes how to verify FortiToken cloud Connection/Contract Information/Token Balance.
Scope FortiGate.
  1. Verify that the Forticloud server is connected by issuing the following command: If the IP and port are returned then it is connected:

diagnose fortitoken-cloud show server
FortiToken Cloud server ip:, port:8686

If no IP shows or from the GUI, the error 'Failed to Retrieve-Fortitoken-Cloud-status' appear, further troubleshooting will be required:

     2. After confirming the connection, it is possible to run the following command to verify the Token balance as well as the Forticloud Service Status: (Fortitoken Cloud trial status: (no-license(0), free-trial(1), licensed(2)).

diagnose fortitoken-cloud show service


Examples of output:




Verify customer ID is the same as reflected in FortiToken Cloud GUI and the balance of the token is provided as well as how many users have been assigned.

For further debugging of incorrect contract information, it is possible to enable the following debugs and open a ticket with the TAC team after capturing the logs:

diagnose debug reset
diagnose debug disable

diagnose debug console timestamp enable 
diagnose fortitoken-cloud debug enable

diagnose debug enable 

*Attempt to connect to Fortitoken Cloud Server*

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