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Article Id 254325
Description This article describes how to use the FortiOS language in Notepad++.
Scope All products that use FortiOS as operating system.

Notepad++ supports many programming languages as Python, C++, etc. When choosing the language for a currently open file, Notepad++ highlights the syntax automatically. A FortiOS language option is available that allows users to easily find specific configuration details.

Below is an example of a configuration file without the language enabled:



And below is an example of a configuration file with the language enabled:




The language is available in the Notepad++ repository, meaning anyone can download and use it. Follow the steps below.


1) Go to, select 'Go to file', and search for 'Fortinet'.


FortiOS Notepad++ 02.png

2) Download the .xml file and follow steps 1 and 2 in these instructions to install it:

3) Open the FortiGate configuration file, go to 'Language' and select 'Fortinet_FortiOS_FGT' to apply the language to the configuration file.


FortiOS Notepad++ 03.png


Use the ALT + 0 keys together to collapse all configurations and ALT + SHIFT + 0 to expand all configurations.


Thanks for the information. It is beneficial, I tried to find a syntax package for Sublime Text without success, but this one could help me a lot.