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This article describes how to upload large files to the support ticket using SFTP. 
This access is not enabled by default in all tickets. If required, ask the support engineer to enable it. 

Files can be kept in there for up to 15 days. 




SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol. It uses an encryption layer on top of an FTP protocol to provide privacy and confidentiality on the files being transferred meaning that this is a secure way to send files to Fortinet TAC when necessary. 


Once the SFTP access is enabled, 2 additional buttons on the top of the ticket should be visible as shown below:  


SFTP ButtonsSFTP Buttons


Every ticket has an Upload folder and a Download one. The idea is to use the Download when receiving files from Fortinet during ticket troubleshooting like Interim builds or specific packages or files. 

When sending files, let's make use of the Upload folder as shown below. 

Copy the credentials to a notepad and note down the server's fingerprint which will help in validating the security and authenticity of the connecting server. 


SFTP CredentialsSFTP Credentials



Every time the 'Show SFTP Access Information' is seleced, a new password is generated for security purposes. The old password is no longer usable after that. 




For demonstration, Filezilla SFTP Client will be used. However, feel free to use the SFTP client preferred. 

Using the Quick Connect option: 




Make sure to type sftp:// on the host box like: s
Then, type the username, password, port 2222 and then, select 'Quick Connect'.

Make sure the Server's Fingerprint matches the fingerprint below: 



SFTP Server Host key fingerprint:
Algorithm: ssh-rsa 4096
SHA-256: WPjB8hhQOMNIr1PCv5fbWKOGT4jXTG1IYNgvzhjMxfM=
MD5: 05:6c:10:05:10:c1:15:fa:8d:f1:e9:98:70:52:04:fe





It is now possible to create folders and upload files. 
Remember to reply/update the ticket informing that new files were uploaded so it can be reviewed. 

Side Notes: 

The following clients are recommended:

- WinSCP.

- FileZilla.

- Cyberduck (MacOS).