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Article Id 301739
Description This article describes the typical circumstances behind the 'FortiGate database signature invalid'.
Scope All FortiOS versions.

This message says the database signature of the FortiGate is mismatched with the checksum.


logid="0100041009" type="event" subtype="system" level="critical" vd="root" logdesc="FortiGate database signature invalid" status="database-check"


Since the database version does not match the particular checksum, it could be possible that it is tampered with.


Important Notes:
For any device with FortiOS 7.2.5 and above, the system could reboot after some time to check the system. The message will be removed only if the checking is passed. Otherwise, it will show the same message again under the system event logs after the reboot.


  1. Collect the following debug command output:

diagnose autoupdate version
diagnose autoupdate signature check-all


  1. Initiate a ticket with TAC support and provide the debug output to check whether this is a false positive or not.



TFTP firmware reloads the firmware completely to erase the existing firmware on the hardware model if any quick solution is required without checking with Fortinet TAC. The factory reset command from the CLI will not work. Once TFTP reloaded the firmware, restore the backup configuration.