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This article describes that it is not possible to delete SSID as the reference, as the 'delete' button is greyed out.




FortiGate, FortiAP, FortiSwitch, WIFI, SSID.




- To delete the existing SSID, make sure to know all the references and delete them to delete SSID. To get the reference select the number in the reference column.

It will show a list of references attached to the SSID.




- It will be possible to delete the address and DHCP reference using the delete button, but the system interface reference will have the 'delete' button greyed out.




- Go to Network -> Interfaces. Find the WiFi SSID and Software Switch.




- The VLAN created by SSID will be referenced to the Software switch. In this case, VLAN waqtn.10.SSID is referencing to wqt.root. So, it will be necessary to delete the software switch.




- After deleted, the system interface will have a delete option available.




- It is possible to delete it and SSID can be now deleted using the 'delete' button.






- If it is not possible to delete it because of a reference address auto-created by 'Create address object matching subnet' of interface settings, it is possible to alternatively delete it on the Interfaces page. (In FortiOS v7.2.4).


Example unable to delete because of this object:


Not possible to delete SSID in Wifi Controller.png


Delete it alternatively from the Network -> Interfaces page:


Alternative to delete.png