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Description This article describes what to do when the error 'import fortitoken license error:- 7566' is showed when the mobile FortiToken is using the activation code.

Mobile/Soft FortiToken has to be imported into the FortiGate with the help of an activation code that is received at License purchase.


Procedure to import the License via CLI is as below :


# exec fortitoken-mobile import EEEE-DDDD-CCCC-BBBB-AAAA  <---- Where EEEE-DDDD-CCCC-BBBB-AAAA is 20 digit license activation code.




If error 'import fortitoken license error:- 7566' appears, follow the solution section to resolve this issue.


Why this error code occurs and what is the meaning of this error code.

This error code occurs when FortiToken license which the customer is trying to import into FortiGate is mapped with another unit serial number.


For example :


If FortiTken license EEEE-DDDD-CCCC-BBBB-AAAA is mapped with serial number FG100FTK20011111 and user is trying to import this FortiToken license EEEE-DDDD-CCCC-BBBB-AAAA into the unit with serial number: FG100FTK20022222.

The error message will appear on the screen while importing license via CLI: 'import fortitoken license error:- 7566'.


- This error can occur in the HA environment as well on standalone units.
- In an HA environment all the FortiToken licenses should be imported on the primary devices only.
- There is no need to assign different levels of foritoken license on two different units in HA.
- Once the FortiToken license is imported into the primary device (In HA setup) secondary unit.

will automatically fetch information about FortiToken licenses.


- This issue can only be resolved by mapping FortiToken license on proper unit serial number or transfer existing FortiToken license to unit serial number where user wants to import FortiToken license.
- Raise a case with FortiGate TAC CS (customer support team) for moving the license to a unit with the correct serial number with master mail id mapped with a support login account.
- It is also ask TAC CS (customer support team) to give details of mapped foritoken license with the unit serial number.
- For the HA environment an error message as 'import fortitoken license error:- 7566' appears.
on primary FortiGate and after raising a case with the TAC team you got to know that foretoken licenseis a secondary device in the HA cluster; it is possible to do a soft HA failover in this case (make current a primary unit as secondary and set up current secondary unitrole as a primary).


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