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Article Id 250659


This article describes that users are unable to access websites that use Google reCAPTCHA.

Static URL filter allowed few websites and blocked others. 

Google APIs and reCAPTCHA websites are added to the exempt list, still unable to access websites that use reCAPTCHA. SSL inspection in Certificate-inspection mode.




FortiGate v7.2.




Step 1:

- Create an Application Control profile, to Allow the application Google.Analytics. This will allow the traffic.
- Then apply that Application Control profile to the policy.




Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

- Check if the policy is using deep-inspection (install the FortiGate certificate in the local machine if not installed previously).

- If disabling UTM profiles did not resolve the issue, turn on App control without the Web Filter and test to see if the reCAPTCHA works. If it does, then check Web Filter if it is causing the issue).


Step 2:

- Add URL filters the following Wildcards with action 'exempt':

- Then apply this filter profile to the policy.




Step 3:

- If is being blocked, modify the static URL filter with a 'Simple' filter for and choose the 'Exempt' action.

This will allow to access websites that use Google reCAPTCHA.