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Article Id 282157
Description This article describes how to fix the issue when seeing 'State Error' while assigning a FortiToken Mobile code to the user account while the same token code shows in Pending status on the FortiToken page.
Scope FortiToken Mobile.

Check the reachability for FQDNs below:


If they are unreachable, clear the dnsproxy cache and restart it using the commands below:


di test app dnsproxy 1
di test app dnsproxy 99


Use the commands below to activate the Token Code and renew it:


conf user fortitoken
    edit <Token Code>
        set status active


exec fortitoken-mobile renew <Token Code>


If the issue persists, rebooting FortiGate is suggested. Advise the customer to reboot the FortiGate during the downtime window and try removing the tokens and activating it again. Then, assign it to users.