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Article Id 286062
Description This article describes the log that gets generated when trying to access the FortiGate with SSO administrator account via SSH/telnet stating the username of the administrator is invalid.
Scope FortiGate.

The Single Sign-on (SSO) administrator account works fine with GUI login but seems to fail when login is done via SSH.


This can appear in the logs as shown below:


date=2023-11-06 time=12:14:26 devid="FG201Fxxxxxxxxxx" devname="FGT_Test_Primary" eventtime=1699290866478902761 tz="-0600" logid="0100032002" type="event" subtype="system" level="alert" vd="root" logdesc="Admin login failed" sn="0" user="" ui="ssh(" method="ssh" srcip= dstip= action="login" status="failed" reason="name_invalid" msg="Administrator login failed from ssh( because of invalid user name"


The SSO login requires a browser window redirect to IdP for the user login.

This is expected/normal behavior since SSH terminal emulators do not have the integration at the application level to open a browser to get authentication done and pass the information to the SSH terminal emulator.


Administrator SSO login will work only for GUI access, but not SSH, telnet or console.