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This article explains what preserve client IP means and how it works.

FortiOs v6.2.2

On the below screenshot, there is a virtual sever and two back end real server’s

When a client try to access the Virtual server i.e, the traffic will be forwarded either to or (Round robin algorithm method) .

Enable preserve client IP from the web-based manager or enable the http-ip-header option from the CLI to preserve the IP address of the client in the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header.
This can be useful in an HTTP multiplexing configuration if log messages are required on the real servers to the client’s original IP address.

Via CLI:
#config firewall vip
    edit "Virtual server"
        set id 0
        set uuid b17c7658-0b8e-51ea-37a3-db3c7f04ecab
        set comment ''
        set type server-load-balance
        set extip
        set extintf "port1"
        set arp-reply enable
        set server-type http
        set nat-source-vip disable
        set gratuitous-arp-interval 0
        set http-ip-header enable   
Below is the sniffer output when “Preserve Client IP is enabled”   

Below is the sniffer output when “Preserve Client IP is disabled”