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Article Id 308786
Description This article describes the Micro SD card feature on the FortiGate FGR-70F series.
Scope FortiGate 70F.

The FortiGateRugged 70F series added Micro SD support as a storage media solution of local disk logging.

The maximum card size supported is 1TB and hot swap is not supported, meaning it is necessary to power off the device before installation/removal.

After inserting a new Micro SD card, FortiOS will detect the change and format the disk.

Once the format is completed, the disk is ready to be used.


Below are some helpful commands:


  1. Check disk status:

diagnose hardware deviceinfo disk



  1. Check logging space capacity:


diagnose sys logdisk usage




  1. Disk hardware test:



diagnose hardware test disk



  1. Disk format:


execute formatlogdisk
execute disk format




  1. Disk scan:


execute disk scan




  1. Disk log settings:


config log disk setting