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Article Id 228205
Description This article explains how Kerberos Authentication is not supported for FTP Explicit proxies and suggests alternative authentication methods.
Scope FortiGate, FortiProxy.

Explicit proxies in FortiGate can use a Kerberos-enabled external server for authentication, as detailed in the Explicit proxy authentication section of the FortiGate Cookbook. However, FTP explicit proxies do not support Kerberos authentication.


If IP-based authentication is enabled, FTP explicit proxies support basic authentication and SSO-based authentication methods, such as FSSO and RSSO. If IP-based authentication is not enabled, only basic authentication is supported.

Consider using one of these authentication methods instead, based on your proxy setup.


See the Explicit proxy authentication section in the FortiGate Cookbook for more information about explicit proxies, or the FTP proxy section for more information about FTP proxies.