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This article describes how to use Huawei E3372(h) modem stick on Fortigates which include a USB port.



- Huawei E3372h is a very special modem where the modem runs a DHCP server inside and will performs SNAT and it also consists of its own firmware acts as some sort of firewall.
- However, this also means this is currently NOT able to configure its network profile within FortiOS and push it onto the modem just like for other modems with '# configure system lte-modem → set apn'.
- It basically operates like a standalone modem connected with Fortigate with a ethernet cable (USB emulated).   

Modem connection setup steps.

FortiOS Setup.

For E3372h variant, after plugging in the modem stick, wwan will get assigned a local ip address


wwan dhcp up disable physical


Before setting up the connection, make sure your PC, Fortigate and WWAN interface are in the same sub network which directly accesses 192.168.x.1 from the PC web browser.

In order to configure this modem, users have to access its web interface at 192.168.x.1 and configurefrom there.

Other than that, no special configuration needs to be added except enabling the LTE daemon.


# config system lte-modem
    set status enable


E3372 Setup from GUI.

1) Access E3372 web interface from PC web browser at 192.168.x.1.

3) Create a new profile for the  carrier and select 'Apply'.
4) Go back to home and select the connect button.
5) Modem connected with internet and good to go!

Huawei E3372 modem has two variants and this guide only applies to E3372h variant.