FortiGate Next Generation Firewall utilizes purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance, including encrypted traffic.
Description This article describes how to set up two-factor authentication to increase the security of the method you are using for remote access.  
Scope A two-factor authentication code will be generated by the FortiToken App.  

An email will be sent from the FortiGate admin who has configured 2 factor authentication for a user name.

There be an 'Activation Code' that will be necessary in the instructions below.


2022-01-07 11_47_55-fortitoken activation - Google Search.png


1) Install the FortiToken software on the smartphone.


For both the iPhone and Android phones search for FortiToken from the App Store and then install the app on your phone.


2) Configure the App.

2022-01-07 11_51_34-fortitoken app - Google Search.png

3) It is possible to install the Token by scanning the attachment on the email above (3) or manually entering the activation key (4).


2022-01-07 11_54_04-Fortinet - Setup FortiToken on a Smartphone.png



4) If  the Scan Barcode option is chosen, Scan the attached QR code received from the activation email.  

The app should auto-scan the barcode.


5)  If  the Enter Manually option is chosen, (4) tap Fortinet.


2022-01-07 11_57_25-Technical Tip_ How to activate FortiToken manually... - Fortinet Community.png


6) Enter the email and the activation code from the email, When complete, select 'Add Account'.


2022-01-07 11_58_44-Technical Tip_ How to activate FortiToken manually... - Fortinet Community.png


7) Once completed, on the main screen of the app a 2 factor code can be found being generated.


2022-01-07 12_00_17-FortiToken - Bezpieczna praca zdalna - Wsparcie i wdrożenie _ ViDA.PL.png