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Description This article describes how to read the FortiGate MIB file and Core MIB file using the PRTG MIB reader to extract the OID libraries.
Scope Any supported version of FortiGate.
  1. Download and install the PRTG MIB reader application from
  2. Log in to FortiGate. Navigate to System -> SNMP and download both the FortiGate MIB file and the FortiGate Core file.



  1. Run the MIB importer application. Go to File -> Import MIB file and select 'FORTINET-CORE-MIB.mib'.
    After a successful import, an 'import successful' log will appear. Close that screen.




After that, select the group and then Name to find the OID value.


For example:

To find the OID value of fg ha stats sync status, select fg ha stats and then fg ha stats sync status.

On the right, the OID '' can be seen.




That OID value can then be called on the SNMP server to view the value of ha stats sync status.


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