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This article describes how to perform HQIP test on FortiGate-6k chassis.


There are two variants of FGT-6k chassis at the time of writing, FortiGate-6301F that consists of 6 Fortinet Processor Cards (FPC) and FGT-6501F with 10 FPCs.
Both variants will have Management Board (MBD) that reside on Slot #0.

The HQIP test on FortiGate-6k chassis is similar with regular FortiGate E-series onwards which have HQIP tests built into the FortiOS itself.
This allows users the convenience of performing hardware diagnostics without needing to find the HQIP image and reloading the firmware image.

When logging into FortiGate-6k from the CLI (SSH/Telnet), it enters by default  the MBD of the FGT-6k chassis.
Executing the command ' #diagnose hardware test info' will list all the hardware test items supported on the unit.

Sample output for FortiGate-6501F as below:

Based on the above output, the HQIP test is done on the MBD itself only, as it is missing tests such as NPU and ASIC.
Also, the number of CPUs and memory indicating that only the HQIP test on single blade  is performed(in this case the MBD).

To perform HQIP test on the FPC, login to individual FPC and perform the test.
To connect to different FPC, use below command:
# execute load-balance slot manage <chassis id.slot>
e.g. for chassis 1 slot 5, use the command '# execute load-balance slot manage 1.5'

Running the same command ' # diagnose hardware test info' and see below sample output for FortiGate-6501F:
Based on the test cases, the missing NPU and ASIC tests are available on the FPC, but led/usb/button were not present on the FPC because FPC do not have any physical interface and LED.
To run the complete HQIP test, use the command '# diagnose hardware test suite all' on the MBD and all the individual FPCs.
Below is the sample HQIP test report for MBD of FortiGate-6501F:

Below is the sample HQIP test report for FPC of FortiGate-6501F:
Do note that throughput test that is normally available on a normal appliance-based FortiGate is missing based on the HQIP test report shown above.
This is expected because FortiGate-6k chassis have a very complex network architecture and if throughput test is required, use external tester to conduct the throughput test instead.


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