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Article Id 282092
Description This article describes how to find an alternate upgrade path if the upgrade path recommended by the FortiGate upgrade tool is not applicable.
Scope FortiGate.

It is always recommended to follow the upgrade path recommended by the FortiGate upgrade tool.


However, if issues occur while using the recommended path, it is recommended to find an alternate upgrade path. For example, if it is necessary to upgrade a device from 6.4.6 to 7.2.5, the initial path is as follows:


6.4.6 -> 6.4.8 -> 6.4.10 -> 7.0.10 -> 7.2.5.


But if an issue is encountered upon reaching version 7.0.10 for example, try following the upgrade path to 6.4.9 first:


6.4.6 -> 6.4.8 -> 6.4.9.


Afterwards, upgrade to 7.2.5:


6.4.9 -> 6.4.11 -> 7.0.12 -> 7.2.5.


This way, it is possible to go from 6.4.6 to 7.2.5 without needing to upgrade to 7.0.10, with which issues were encountered previously (in this example).


This method can be useful to avoid possible issues with upgrading. Always take the following steps: