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Description This article describes retrieving information via SNMP from FortiGate 6000 and 7000 Series.

FortiGate 6000 and 7000 all versions.


On FortiGate-6000 and 7000 series Chassis, SNMP information should be pulled from different slots for accurate information as the port numbers changes for each slot on the chassis.



Configure SNMP on FortiGate and allow SNMP access on management interface




FortiGate chassis have SNMP configured, running with V1 version and community as public.


To get the number of sessions is necessary to poll the MIB ID =


If is the management IP of the FortiGate firewall:


From SNMP server, polling on default port (161) gives number of sessions from motherboard:


snmp-server:~$ snmpget -v1 -cpublic

iso. = Gauge32: 269


To get the number of sessions from Slot1, use port number 16101


snmp-server:~$ snmpget -v1 -cpublic


iso. = Gauge32: 1287


For Slot2, use port number 16102


snmp-server:~$ snmpget -v1 -cpublic


iso. = Gauge32: 1196


Similarly use the respective port number of each slot to get the required information for the SNMP MIB from that slot.


Information regarding port numbers for all slots on the chassis:


6000 Series:


7000 Series: