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This article provides information on how to configure a schedule policy.
For example, to have policies being applied during office hours, but not applied out of office hours.

Create a new schedule for office hours.
Go to policy & objects -> Schedules.

There are 2 types.
Recurring schedules are in effect repeatedly at specified times of specified days of the week.
One-Time schedules are in effect only once for the period of time specified in the schedule.


Create a policy that is allowing the traffic with schedule.
Example taken allowing Microsoft-Outlook for normal office hour.
Configure the scheduled policy via CLI:

# config firewall schedule recurring
    edit "Mon-Fri"
        set start 09:00
        set end 18:00
        set day monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday
# config firewall policy
    edit 4
        set name "Allow_Microsoft-Outlook"
        set uuid 8b555bd6-318d-51eb-9670-a10af2dd0a14
        set srcintf "port1"
        set dstintf "port2"
        set srcaddr "all"
        set internet-service enable
        set internet-service-name "Microsoft-Outlook"
        set schedule "Mon-Fri"
        set logtraffic disable


This policy will always allow the Microsoft-Outlook traffic in the duration of scheduled time.

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