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Description This article describes how to check the Application Control category of an application


In this example, the Application Category of Facebook will be checked.


Check the Application Category on the FortiGate GUI or through the FortiGuard website


  1. How to check using the FortiGate GUI.

On the GUI, navigate to Security Profiles -> Application Signatures.


App Control 1.PNG


On the Search tab, type 'Facebook', then press 'Enter' or select the 'Search' icon. All 'Facebook' signatures should be displayed. Look for the Category Column to check the category.


App Control 2 - edited.png


  1. How to check through FortiGuard website


App Control 3.PNG


Facebook application signatures should be displayed.

In this example, let's check the category of 'Facebook_Personal'. Select the 'Facebook_Personal' to check the details of the Application signature.

On the category details, the application category is 'Social.Media'.


App Control 4.PNG


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