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This article describes how to access secondary unit of HA cluster via CLI.


From Version 6.2 and above.


In HA cluster (Active-Active or Active-Passive) access to  both units via CLI is possible .
In order to access secondary unit via CLI  refer the below command:

Below 6.2.0.

Run the below command in CLI:


# execute ha manage [ID]                                <----- Where ID can be 0 or 1.




# execute ha manage 0                                    < ----- If ID of secondary unit is 0.
# execute ha manage 1                                   < ----- If ID of secondary unit is 1.


A further login prompt is presented for both username and password in second unit. 

To view the available units and corresponding indexes:


# exec ha manage ?


From 6.2.0 and above.

Run the below command to the primary unit CLI:


# execute ha manage [ID] [username]




# execute ha manage 1 EXAMPLE                                    < ----- 1 is the ID of secondary unit and EXAMPLE is the admin username.