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Article Id 307267
Description This article describes how the configuration backup will be taken by default and what details will be visible.
Scope FortiGate v6.0, v6.2, 7.0, v7.2, v7.4.
  • While Taking config backup through FTP, TFTP or GUI by default the command 'show' will be executed, where the default configuration will not be visible. For example, while creating a policy default action 'deny' and if the policy is created with action 'deny', in config backup, the action will not be visible.
    However, if the policy is created with action 'accept', the action accept will be visible in the config backup.

  • If it is desired to view all the parameters including the default configuration, it is necessary to execute the command manually 'show full' through CLI or putty.

  • By default, in configuration backup, the default parameters will not be visible to prevent the file size.