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Article Id 222583
Description This article describes the issue when FortiGate Cloud Report shows 'Internal Server Error'.
Scope FortiGate Cloud Report

When trying to load the FortiGate Cloud Report page and getting 'Internal Server Error':




Run debug:


# diagnose debug application httpsd -1

# diagnose debug application forticldd -1

# diagnose debug enable


Debug output show rpt_list_res: invalid value size short name 142 bufsz 128):

[105] fds_print_msg: Firmware=FAZ-4K-FW-2.50-100
[105] fds_print_msg: SerialNumber=FDS1001001000000
[105] fds_print_msg: Persistent=false
[2800] rpt_list_res: invalid value size short name 142 bufsz 128)
[652] fds_https_stop_server:
[422] fds_free_tsk: cmd=15; req.noreply=0
[466] fds_send_reply: Sending 0 bytes data.
[httpsd 505 - 1662027267 error] build_forticloud_report_list[1029] -- Unable to get forticloud reports
[httpsd 505 - 1662027267 error] api_return_http_result[1272] -- API error 500 raised
[httpsd 505 - 1662027267 info] endpoint_process_req_vdom[1022] -- completed API request (rss_pre=19076, rss_post=19076, rss_delta=0)
[httpsd 505 - 1662027267 info] fweb_debug_final[298] -- Completed GET request for "/api/v2/monitor/log/forticloud-report-list" (HTTP 500)


Access to FortiCloud and check the report template list:


Report Template.PNG


To resolve the issue, try with a shorter template name.