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This article describes how ForitGate use Automation function via webhook to send message to Slack channel, and how to customize information use event log.

Useful link:
Fortinet Documentation:
Webhook action:

1) Create New Automation

2) Give automation stitch name

3) Select Trigger method
4) Select Event
5) Select Action
6) Put Slack Channel Information

7) Generate Admin login failed event
c3po-kvm52 # dia de app autod -1
Debug messages will be on for 30 minutes.

c3po-kvm52 # dia de ena

c3po-kvm52 # auto_generate_generic_curl_request()-302: Generating generic automation CURL request for action (webhook2slack).
auto_generate_generic_curl_request()-350: Generic automation CURL request POST data for action (webhook2slack):
{"text": "This is for user - admin login failed as log reason - passwd_invalid, ui = ssh( log method - ssh from log srcip - , msg - Administrator admin login failed from ssh( because of invalid password"}

auto_generate_generic_curl_request()-400: Generic automation CURL request Host header:
auto_generic_curl_request_close()-476: Generic CURL request response body from
Where is the HTTP body parameter come from?
Some old version such as 6.0.5 may met HTTP 400 error, please upgrade to 6.2.2