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Article Id 272420
Description This article describes the process of troubleshooting the 'F' model FortiAP's registration issue when attempting to register it from FortiGate.

While registering the FortiAP from the FortiGate GUI, it fails with the error message: 'FortiCloud registration failed'.


Output of GUI attempt:



Registration attempt from the CLI:


diagnose debug application forticldd -1
diagnose debug enable
diagnose forticare direct-registration product-registration -N <FAP/FSW-serialnumber> -a <username> -p <password> -T "<country>" -R "reseller" -e 1




diagnose forticare direct-registration product-registration -N FP231******* -a testuser -p testpassword -T "CA" -R "Unknown" -e 1



Account info:
contract_number=[] account_id=[username] password=[***]<----- Password will be in plain text.
reseller_id=X reseller=[*******]
first_name=[] last_name=[] company=[]
title=[] address=[] city=[]
state=[] state_code=[] country_code=0
post_code=[] phone=[] fax=[]
industry=[] industry_id=0 orgsize=[] orgsize_id=0
version=0 SN=[FP***********] existing=1
Prepare to register product into this account.
Do you want to continue? (y/n)y

Cannot get signature from FortiSwitch/FortiAP FP433FT********
fds_request_registration_result:592: Failed to make request
Registration failed


The issue could be related to connection issues between  FortiGate and FortiCloud or the 'F' series FortiAPs on version 7.0.2 and below.



For connectivity issues, follow the troubleshooting in the below KB article:
Troubleshooting steps for FortiGate FortiCloud connection failure issues

If the issue persists even when FortiGate and FortiCloud have connectivity, upgrade the 'F' series FortiAPs to 7.0.3 and above.



Register from the directly with Cloud Key.