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Article Id 210788
Description This article describes that when a webhook is created from FortiGate to Microsoft Teams channel, error 'auto_curl_perform()-107: Curl perform error:22' is found in debug.
Scope FortiGate, MS Teams.

A webhook can be created to post messages and notifications to Microsoft Teams.


After creating webhook check using the show full-config command:


# config system automation-action
    edit "test-webhook"
        set action-type webhook
        set tls-certificate ''
        set minimum-interval 10
        set delay 0
        set required disable
        set protocol https
        set method post
        set uri  ""
        set http-body "{\'text\':\'%%log%%\'}" <----- If the http-body string is entered in GUI it adds extra \\ (back slashes), Correct it using the CLI to type it as it is & test.
        set port 443
        set headers "Content-type:application/json"


This causes the below error in the debug:


'auto_curl_perform()-107: Curl perform error:22. __action_webhook_status()-140: '


Microsoft Teams integration webhook: