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This article describes how to use the RDP Clipboard toolbox in SSL-VPN Web Mode to share text between the Local client and the Remote RDP host.




FortiGate v7.0.2 onward.

In previous versions of FortiOS (7.0.1 and earlier), the clipboard toolbox was found on the right-hand side of the RDP/VNC page




After logging in to SSL VPN web mode and connecting to an RDP bookmark, users can press F8 and select 'Clipboard' to access the RDP clipboard toolbox.




To copy from Local to Remote:

1) Type/paste text from the Local machine into the text box.

2) In the Clipboard menu, select 'Copy to Remote Clipboard’.

3) Close the Clipboard using the X in the top-right hand corner.

4) On the Remote side, paste the text where needed ('Right-Click' -> Paste OR Ctrl+V)


To copy from Remote to Local:

1) On the Remote side, copy the desired text.

2) In the Clipboard menu, select ‘Request Remote Clipboard’. The text should appear in the clipboard text box.

3) Select ‘Copy to Local Clipboard’. The text should now be in the local clipboard and available to be pasted.