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Article Id 257575
Description This article describes how to transfer a port's configuration and references to another unused port.
Scope FortiGate.

1) Ensure there is a maintenance window along with console access to the firewall as downtime will be required.

2) Take a backup of the current configuration and take note of the number of references on the original port in use.

3) Open the configuration file in a text editor such as Notepad/Notepad++.


4) In this example, wan1 will be converted over to wan2 unused port:
A find (Ctrl + F) will be done for the following 'config system interface' to locate the two ports involved in the transfer.

5) It will be copied into a new text pad window for better visibility.



6) Proceed to swap the interface names in the edit 'name' field and remove the SNMP index from each configuration to look like the following.




7) Now proceed to replace this particular existing configuration with the new one above.


8) Proceed to do a Find and Replace on the remainder of the configuration to locate where wan1 is referenced and replace it with wan2.


9) After verifying the interface settings have been switched and there are no more references for wan1, proceed to save the newly edited configuration file.


10) Restore the edited configuration: