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Description This article describes the changes which were introduced in 7.2.0 on the Split-task VDOM mode.
Scope FortiGate v7.2.0 and above.

On FortiOS versions from 6.2.0 to 7.0.X a FortiGate administrator could configure the firewall to act in split-task VDOM mode.


More information regarding the particular feature can be found on the below KB:


From FortiOS 7.2.0+ GA releases the split task VDOM feature was removed and a new VDOM type named Admin was introduced. Important details regarding the new feature are:


1) There can be two types of VDOMs:


a) Admin type which can be only used for management access.

b) Traffic type which is used for passing traffic through the firewall.


2) Only one administrative VDOM can exist at a time.


3) Upon upgrade to 7.2.0+ releases if a FortiGate was configured in split-task VDOM mode, it will be automatically converted to multi VDOM mode.


a) The FG-traffic VDOM will now become a Traffic VDOM.

b) The root VDOM will now become an Admin type VDOM.


To configure the VDOM feature in CLI, enabling multi-VDOM mode is needed.


The following commands are used to enable multi-VDOM mode.


# config system global

set vdom-mode multi-vdom



You will be logged out for the operation to take effect.
Do you want to continue? (y/n)


Then, on the individual VDOM:


# config vdom

edit <Name_Of_The_VDOM>

config system settings

set vdom-type {traffic | admin}