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This article explains how to configure and check which Internet Service database version is installed and running on FortiOS based devices and virtual machines.




FortiOS 7.0.4 and above

FortiOS 7.2.1 and above




Starting with FortiOS 7.0.4 and FortiOS 7.2.1, FortiOS provides a new configuration parameter (internet-service-database) to choose which Internet-service databases (full, standard or mini) should be downloaded from FortiGuard and installed.


Run the following command and substitute [version] with mini, standard or full:


config system global
  set internet-service-database [version]


For example:


config system global
  set internet-service-database mini


To check which Internet Service database version is in use, use the following command:


# diagnose autoupdate versions


It will display information about the current database. For example:



Internet-service Mini Database


Version: 7.02755

Contract Expiry Date: n/a

Last Updated using manual update on Wed Oct 19 11:57:54 2022

Last Update Attempt: Wed Oct 19 12:12:14 2022

Result: No Updates



The response above is an example with a mini database.


Note: FortiOS v6.2 and v6.4 do not allow the choice of which ISDB database to install. The database to install is selected based on the hardware platform type and cannot be changed.