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This article describes how to configure IPv6 multicast policies from GUI.

IPv6 multicast policies can be configured from GUI.

Comments can be configured for IPv4 and IPv6 multicast policies.

To configure an IPv6 multicast policy in the GUI:

1) Enable the IPv6 and multicast features:
- Go to System -> Feature Visibility.
- Under Core Features, enable IPv6.
- Under Additional Features, enable Multicast Policy.
- Select 'Apply'.

2) Create an IPv6 multicast address object:
- Go to Policy & Objects -> Addresses and select 'Create New' > Address.
- For Category, select IPv6 Multicast Address.
- Enter a name and IPv6 address.

- Select 'OK'.

3) Create an IPv6 multicast policy:
- Go to Policy & Objects- > IPv6 Multicast Policy and select 'Create New'.
- Configure the settings as needed.

- Select 'OK'.