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This article describes how to access to slave unit, from the master unit using '# execute ha manage'. The FortiGate units are configured in HA cluster A-P or A-A cluster, to gain access to slave from the master unit CLI console.



Version 6.2.1 onwards.


On previous versions of FortiGate using '# exe ha manage <index ID>', users were able to login to the slave unit, however, from 6.2.1 onwards command syntax changed.


Use the following command:


# execute ha manage <index-ID>  <admin-username>


Find the index number from the # get sys ha status command output.


For Example:


# get sys ha status
HA Health Status: OK
Model: FortiGate-600E
Mode: HA A-P
Primary : Primary-Fortigate , FG6H0ETB21900953, HA cluster index = 0
Secondary : Secondary-Fortigate , FG6H0ETB21900951, HA cluster index = 1
number of vcluster: 1


Hence in this case use the below command to log in to Slave from Master:


# execute ha manage 1 admin