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This document is intended to provide the appropriate steps required to configure the modem, in your 60D 3G/4G VZW FortiGate with a static IP address from Verizon.

There are fees associated with the static IP.  Contact a Verizon account representative to purchase the static IP address or range of addresses.


To begin you need to enable the USB Modem Information Widget.

CaleV_60D-3G4G_0001.JPG CaleV_60D-3G4G_0002.JPG

Initially the information on the widget will be grayed out.


When you plug in the SIM card, the MEID # from Verizon and the CCID# from the FortiGate will appear.

Call Verizon to make sure MEID # CCID# are paired.


Initially the IP address that is assigned for this interface is a private IP address on the Verizon network. The original IP you get before receiving the static IP, is not accessible from the Internet

*Note, you will want the interface to be set for DHCP. Even though you have a static IP provided from Verizon, it is assigned by the Verizon network.


At this point, you will need to provide the APN for your region, so the static IP address from Verizon is pulled. This is done via the CLI.
(see related article: Configure APN settings on FortiGate/FortiWiFi with embedded 3G/4G modem for Verizon networks.)

config system lte-modem
set apn <apn code>  -> example for west region: set apn we01.vzwstatic

Interface is still set to DHCP.

  • The USB Modem widget will go gray again but it will eventually show that it is connected after approx 1min.
  • If you still do not receive your static IP address from Verizon, you may try to reboot the FortiGate.
  • If you are still having problems, call Verizon to do a billing Sync, to make sure the account and IP are synced so they can provide the static IP.
  • Check the activity lights on the unit which will Show 3G/4G and allow you to make sure it is connected and the SIM state is good.

If you continue to experience issues please open a support ticket @ and provide a copy of your config file.

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