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This article describes how to export IPS signatures using Automation stitch whenever there is an IPS signature database update to the email.

Scope FortiGate v7.0+.

Create Automation Trigger

  • Go to Security Fabric -> Automation.
  • Select Trigger and then Create New.
  • Select AV & IPS DB Update.
  • Give a name to the trigger, in this example, IPS update.
  • Select OK at the bottom.




Create First Automation Action (CLI Script):

  • Switch over to Action at the top and select Create New.
  • Select CLI script.
  • Give it a name, in this example, CLI script.
  • Under script type:


get ips rule status <----- if there is a FortiGate with a single VDOM.

config global       <----- If there is a multi VDOM environment.

get ips rule status


  • Under ‘Administrative Profile’ select super_admin
  • Select OK at the bottom.




Create Second Automation Action (Email):

  • Create the second action
  • Select Create New under Action.
  • Select Email.
  • Give it a name, for this example, Email.
  • Type the email of the recipient, for this example,
  • Under Subject, it is possible to type it as per requirement. IPS signature update in this example.
  • Under the body, it is necessary to have %%results%%
  • Select 'OK' at the bottom.




Create Automation Stitch.

  • Go to the Stitch option at the top and select Create New.
  • Give it a name as per requirement, IPS Update Stitch for this example.
  • Make sure to keep Action Execution Sequential.
  • Under Trigger, select the trigger created, in this case, IPS Update. Then select Apply.
  • Under the first action, select the CLI action that was created before, in this case, CLI Script. Then select Apply.
  • Select Add Action.
  • Select the email action created. For this case, Email. Then select Apply.
  • Once done, select OK.




That will create the automation stitch to send the update for the IPS Signature database to the email.