This article describes how to find and add MCC MNC to setup LTE connection on FortiExtender.

FortiExtender is already pre-defined with regular carriers MCC and MNC codes.
However, if the SIM carrier MCC and MNC is not part of the pre-defined list then LTE may not work on
For FortiExtender-201E – v4.2.2.

1) A Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) is a combination of wireless communication services offered by a specific operator in a specific country.
A PLMN is identified by a globally unique PLMN code, which consists of a Mobile Country Code (MCC) and a Mobile Network Code (MNC).

FortiExtender uses a PLMN list to identify the carrier of the SIM cards used.

2) MCC and MNC is normally provided by SIM carrier service provider.
If none has been provided,  insert the SIM card on FortiExtender SIM slot and wait for 5-10 mins for the modem to detect the SIM card, thereafter try the following:

How to get and add MobiStar SIM MCC and MNC on FortiExtender using '# get modem status' output:

# get modem status
Modem status:
    modem             : Modem1
    model             : EM7305
    SIM slot          : SIM1
    imei              : XXX2609XXXXX
    iccid             : XX202662020XXX
    imsi              : 20610XXXXXX                       <----- First 3 digits are MCC and next 2 digits are MNC.  
    carrier           : Mobistar

If the FortiExtender modem does not detect IMSI after 10 minutes then that indicates either modem firmware corruption issue or SIM fault issue.
Check if another SIM works fine on the same modem and check if affected SIM works on a Smartphone.

3) First 3 digits of IMSI are MCC and next 2 digits of IMSI are MNC.

4) Thereafter, add MCC and MNC on FortiExtender GUI or CLI as shown below for LTE setup:
FortiExtender CLI.
# config lte simmap
# show

# config lte simmap


    edit 1
        set mcc 206 # set mnc 10
        set carrier Mobistar

The command may slightly vary on older FortiExtender firmware versions, refer respective FortiExtender version Admin guide:

FortiExtender GUI:

Alternatively, MCC and MNC can be added on FortiExtender GUI as well.

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