FortiConverter helps you migrate your network to Fortinet network security solutions, significantly reducing workload and minimizing errors.
Article Id 194531
FortiConverter customers may need to send their firewall configuration files to FortiConverter engineering in order to resolve conversion logic errors.

Customers may securely send these files using Fortinet’s SFTP service.

The same service can be used to retrieve private builds that fix conversion logic, if required.

This account has certain restrictions therefore it is recommended to use a SCP client to transfer files. For Windows users, Putty provides a suitable client, pscp.exe.

Connection details to upload a file
Port 2222
User fcon-incoming
Password incoming

Create a zip archive with a name that is unique to your case (for example, your FortiConverter serial number).
.\pscp.exe -P 2222
Connection details to download a file
Port 2222
User fcon-outgoing
Password outgoing

Obtain the file name to retrieve from Engineering (for example, fcon-build-0123456789.exe).

.\pscp.exe -P 2222
fcon-build-0123456789.exe .